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Raise your standardized test scores while improving your budget across all major exams.

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How do you identify, predict and improve each student’s position and gaps to achieve better test scores?

Equip your educators and students with an easy-to-implement, personalized approach.

Diagnostic exams

Highlight which areas need improvement so students can spend more time on improving deficient areas.

Practice tests

Get an idea of how students will do on admissions tests on the actual test day with the ability to break it down by test or subject.

Progress tracking

Receive comprehensive reporting, projected scores and immediate feedback from full-length practice exams with timers.

Skills tracking

Review insights on individual students and which skills & subjects have been mastered and areas for improvement.

Personalized plan

Choose relevant content from our library to build a plan for skill improvement based on the data from our diagnostic tools.

Robust Q&A

In-depth review of every concept and skill covered on a full-length test - explained with sample practice questions and videos to help.

  • AP®
  • ACT®
  • SAT®
  • PSAT®
  • GED®
  • ISEE®
  • EOC®

Save your budget with lower costs

Districts are saving up to 50% compared to others

Have a plan for accountability

Personalized plans for educators and middle and high school students

Give your students test confidence

95% of users felt more confident on test day

Achieve higher scores and outcomes

Districts are increasing ACT test scores up to 40%

Get better data for your district

Know your kids scores before they test

How it Works

Student takes diagnostic test

Step 1

Test results highlight strengths and weaknesses

Step 2

Districts understand projected scores

Step 3

Set a personalized improvement plan

Step 4

Improve deficient areas

Step 5

Student improves test scores

Step 6

Get an in-depth look at how test prep works

Heartbeat for Learners Heartbeat for Educators Heartbeat for District admins

How it's used

Middle and high school students can go at their own pace. With access to custom content, study guides, lesson plans, flashcards, and practice tests that are designed to help students work on topics that align to their individual areas of need. Your students minimize their anxieties while your district maximizes results.

Educators can get a holistic view of every student from their dashboard, know where their students are progressing or needing help, track their progress with the ability to bulk assign growth areas or even at an individual level for a personalized learning experience. Make your teacher’s time more efficient and effective.

Districts can focus on outcomes by predicting performance and identifying areas where they need to invest resources. Get data to support these decisions from a robust tool that helps students and teachers achieve goals set at the district level; through the means of a learning experience that is set at a personal level.

Student View
Admin View

Schedule a demo with us to see the admin view.

Create the best test outcomes by identifying, predicting & improving each student’s position & gaps.


What are the biggest things that Shmoop's test prep different?

We start with a diagnostics approach where we can quickly identify skills that if focused on will drive a score outcome the quickest. Our content is also built with learning sciences in mind to be relatable and help with real learning vs. memorization, maximizing score outcomes.

Do you integrate with my LMS?

Yes, the most important part of working with a Test Prep provider is authentication. We offer the ability to login with Clever, Google SSO, Schoology, and many more.

Are you approved by College Board?

For tests that are administered by College Board we utilize their exact same skills maps providing an identical experience. We are also very well known for being a leader in keeping up with changes. As an example, Shmoop was the first provider to match condensed AP exams during COVID.

Who writes your content and where do you get the questions for practice exams?

Shmoop has a world class content team, but also works with external consultants who are the best in the business with standardized testing. Between our PhD level consultants and content writers, Shmoop outputs the most engaging content and question structures available.

What tests do you cover?

Shmoop has a lot of test prep options. For an all-inclusive list of test prep options, visit our catalog .

Can middle and high school students do this on their own?

Yes - one of Shmoop’s key advantages is that we’ve built our test prep products to allow students and educators to self-navigate. We can be used with little to no prep time or expensive programs and training.

Does Shmoop’s test prep help with admissions tests?


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